Why Do I Attract Negative People?

Have you ever asked yourself why do I attract negative people?
Well, many people keep asking themselves the same question but they rarely realize that there is no coincidence when it comes to attraction.

Our Thoughts Are Not Contained Inside Our Heads

When we have a negative thought, it is not just we have a thought somewhere inside our head. It is a broadcast! According to quantum physics, it is an impulse, which will return a similar response.

angry-manLet’s say you’re sitting in a traffic and thinking negative thoughts. There are also ten people in the traffic and nine of them are in a positive state of mind and one in a negative.

Now, when you send out a negative broadcast, who will pick it up? The negative person will pick it up.

Why? Because he/she is tuned to that frequency!

So, if you activate a negative person with your negative broadcast, you bring them into your life.


Everything in this world has its own unique vibration frequency. Your frequency is different from the frequency of other people.

As we think and feel, our thoughts and emotions send out vibration. We are constantly vibrating and broadcasting at different frequencies and we are always attracting to our lives people that reaffirm our vibration and beliefs.

People we attract are indicators of our vibration and if we want to attract positive people, we have to change our vibration first.

Often we are not aware of our vibration. If we don’t express our emotions, we carry them with us.

heart-frequencyFor example, let’s say you didn’t get enough love when you were a child. You might think that you’ve overcome that, but if you didn’t release these emotions, you will keep carrying that negative energy with you.

Deeply inside you feel that you are not worthy, you feel guilty about receiving love, and guess who will you attract into your life?!

If you feel that you don’t deserve the money you will attract people who will use you.

If you vibrate fear or panic when starting a new business, you will attract people who will get you into the problems.

Once you become aware of this, you can change your vibration and start attracting people who will treat you better.

Someone Best Friend is Someone’s Worst Enemy

Are there people who are negative, or we just see them as negative? People are not generally good or bad. Every one of us has a light and a dark side, and you will see and experience the one, which is active in your vibration. So, if you focus your attention on a good, you will attract good, but if you focus your attention on bad, you will attract bad.

You’ve probably noticed public figures, especially politicians, who appear to be greedy and insensitive. And yes, if you focus your attention on these “qualities”, you will see them over and over again. But these same people are someone’s children, parents or best friends and they might be seen as completely different people from their eyes.

Have you ever heard somebody talking about some person in a negative way and then you met that person and saw him or her in a completely different light? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

Why do People Get Attached to Negative Thoughts?

Almost 95% of our thoughts come from subconscious programs and most of these thoughts are disempowering and self-sabotaging.

If you pay attention to your thoughts you will notice that majority of them are the same thoughts you had the day before. Repetitive thoughts tell you that you are playing a program.

You keep thinking negative thoughts about someone or something, and as you repeat them over and over again, thoughts that have similar vibration start popping up in your mind and you’re now stuck in that circle of negative thoughts.

The moment you realize that you can stop playing the program and choose to play something else.

How do We Stop Our Negative Thoughts from Broadcasting?

We select our thoughts according to their vibration. If we start to think a negative thought, the next thought will also be negative. It will have the same vibration as the thought before. So, we have to interrupt the pattern.

How do we do that?

  • Raise Your Vibration

We have a choice. The empowerment comes from knowing that we attract. We attract based on how we feel. It is up to us to choose how we will feel. If we harmonize our thoughts and feelings with positive people, we’ll find ourselves attracting a totally different scenario.

  • Change Your Focus

Your focus determines how you feel.Focus

Your emotions determine your vibration.

Your vibration attracts certain people into your life.

So, turn your focus from what you don’t like to what you like.

When you change how you look at people, the people will change.

What does it really mean?

It means that when you focus your attention on a good in people, you will start seeing the good in people. Everyone has something good.

If you focus your attention only on good things, after a while, you will stop noticing things that you don’t like and your vibration will change.

Now, as you attract people according to your vibration, the people that were “negative” in the first place, will change.

They don’t have to change apparently but when you change your focus you will see them as different people and you will have a different experience with them.

But, when you raise your vibration, if dominant vibration of these people is “negative” and they continue complaining, blaming, arguing and yelling, your vibration will not be in resonance with their vibration, and they will disappear from your life, which is good because they will make a room for new people that are in resonance with who you have become.


  1. Lol. Ur very first picture drew me in..and made me laugh. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the law of attraction and was naturally attracted to your post.
    I love the last paragraph you wrote because it matches perfectly with what I’m experiencing currently. I have a very negative coworker and I’ve always tried to see the good in him-it’s there. But lately he’s been even more negative at work and throwing good people and other coworkers under the bus. I honestly can’t even look him in the eye anymore and don’t want to even bother with seeing the good in him. How do you suggest I raise my vibration towards him?

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your question. Compassion is the best approach in such a situation. When it comes to “negative” people, I always try to remember 2 things.
      Firstly, we all have our own beliefs and perceptions about life and we act and behave according to these beliefs and perceptions. So, if you had the same beliefs as somebody else you would behave the same way as that person. It doesn’t mean that behavior is right or wrong, it’s just in resonance with this person’s beliefs.
      Secondly, the most negative people are the most vulnerable ones. Happy people don’t have the need to belittle other people just to make themselves feel better. That’s what dissatisfied and unfulfilled people do.
      If you think this way, it would be easier to understand your co-worker’s behavior and to change your focus.
      To just ignore him and then talk with other co-workers about him is not a good approach because you will keep carrying that vibration with you.
      Now, this might sound silly, but it usually works. I suggest you send him love because that’s obviously something he needs most. I thought it’s BS until I haven’t understood what it really meant. Give him few compliments, let him know when he does something good. In the beginning, he might think that you’re trying to ridicule him but apparently, he will change his behavior towards you or he won’t approach you at all. I hope this helps 🙂

  2. I love the subject of your site, it is a really good read. Kind of takes me back to my interpersonal communications class. BTW the pics are funny love them!

  3. Hi.

    This is probably the best post I have read on this topic. I like your scientific approach from the beginning. We truly are broadcasting radio stations. And, with what we are tuned in, we will receive.
    Great job on your website! Keep up the good work.

    All the best,

  4. It really is true how your mindset can attract negative people. It also makes a big difference how you approach your life based of those people that surround you. If you have positive energetic people around you, you take chance or go for something you have been dreaming about, while as negative people will cause you to always doubt yourself and make you afraid to try new things.

    1. Yes, Brandon, you’re absolutely right. Tony Robbins once said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So we have to make sure to surround ourselves with positive people. Cheers!

  5. This is a very good read and highly practical. While I do not know the specifics, I observed this in many settings. What we see in others is what we are exhibiting or tend to exhibit. In the worst situations, there is always something to be gained (learnt) and the same goes for people. I used to have a very challenging co-worker whom many in the team felt was difficult to get along with. Actually, it was the same for me as well as he really isn’t easy to handle but day by day, I tried to see his good points and indeed, our relationship changed. I would be frank to admit that we still couldn’t see eye to eye on many issues but our working relationship went up many notches and we became an efficient (‘dynamic’) duo. 🙂

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