How to Improve Your Level of Consciousness?

How to change your vibration and improve your level of consciousness – this is what I’m going to talk about in this article.

Emotional Guidance System

When we talk about emotions, we often refer to “positive” or “negative” emotions, but our emotions are neither good nor bad – they are all part of our Emotional Guidance System. They give us feedback about our current vibrational state.

It’s very simple – the better we feel the higher we vibrate and the more aligned with our true natural self and our highest good we are, and the worse we feel, the lower we vibrate and the less aligned with our true natural self we are.

It is natural to feel good and when we feel good that’s who we really are.

To achieve alignment, we have to learn to control our thoughts, because they lead to our feelings and emotions. When we think certain thoughts, we start to feel a certain way.

You’ve probably noticed that when you’re preoccupied with negative thoughts, you don’t feel very well and when you think “happy” thoughts, you feel much better. That’s your guidance system, showing you how far from your true natural self you are.

We have between 50 000 and 70 000 thoughts going through our heads every day and the majority of them are negative. Often, we are not aware of our thoughts because around 95% of these thoughts are unconscious, running on its automatic pilot mode.

If you’re not used to thinking “happy” thoughts, start practicing because with practice it will become easier to think better feeling thoughts.

Meditation practice is beneficial here because it teaches us to be aware of our thoughts and not get stuck in them.

What is Your Level of Consciousness?

According to David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., the scale of consciousness connects emotions to levels of consciousness.

It uses levels from 1 to 1,000 to measure the person’s vibration, which is connected to both emotions and thoughts.

The lower down the scale you are, the worse you feel, and the higher up the scale you are, the better you feel.

In his book Power vs Force, Dr. David Hawkins described 17 levels of consciousness – shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment.

Map of consciousness

Shame (20) is the lowest level of consciousness. It is just a step above death. At this level, the primary emotion one feels is humiliation. Shame results in vulnerability to the other negative emotions such as false pride, anger, and guilt.

Guilt (30) – at this level, feelings of worthlessness and an inability to forgive oneself are common. This level cultivates destruction.

Apathy (50) – at this level a person feels hopeless or victimized. Many homeless people are at this level.

Grief (75) is a state of perpetual sadness and loss. Many people vibrate at this level in times of loss.

Fear (100) – at this level world is seen as dangerous and unsafe, energy is oriented in anxiety.

Desire (125) has to do with accumulation and greed. It is also the level of addiction and craving. The view of life is disappointing when you cannot obtain what you desire.

Anger (150) is a level of frustration often from not having your desires met at the lower level. Anger leads easily to hatred. In an abusive relationship, you’ll often see an angry person coupled with a fearful person.

Pride (175) is dependent on external circumstances such as money or prestige, so it’s vulnerable. It results in denial and arrogance and can lead to nationalism, racism and religious wars.

courageCourage (200) is the first level where you are not taking life energy from those around you. This is the level of empowerment. It is a separation point between force (falsehood) and real power (truth). You start to see life as challenging, exciting and stimulating instead of overwhelming. Here you begin to have an interest in personal growth.

Neutrality (250)  this is a comfortable place, where one feels safe and get along well with other people. People at this level are non-judgmental, objective and able to see things as they truly are. They are not interested in conflict, competition or guilt. This is the beginning of inner confidence. You’re taking care of your needs, but you don’t push yourself too hard.

Willingness (310) – here you become more organized and disciplined, you develop your willpower and self-discipline, you get things done well and don’t complain much. People are willing to learn from others and become excellent students. At this level, there are people who perform extremely well in their careers in corporations or self-employment.

Acceptance (350) – this is the level of setting and achieving goals. Here we begin accepting responsibility for our role in the world. We understand that the source of happiness is within ourselves. Here’s where we take control and become proactive. At this level, many people switch careers, start a new business, or change their diets.

Reason (400) – this is the level of science, medicine, and desire for knowledge. You begin to think clearly and rationally. You don’t waste time in activities that do not provide educational value. You seek out information and analyze it to detail before reaching conclusions. The failure of this level is you cannot seem to separate the subjective from the objective, and because of that, you tend to miss the point. Paradoxically, Reason is the major block to reaching higher levels of consciousness. Only 8% of the world’s population reaches this level and only 4% transcends this level. At its highest end, this is the level of Einstein.

Love (500) – only if, in the level of Reason you start to see yourself as a potential for the greater good of balloon-lovemankind, will you have enough power to enter here. At this level, you feel unconditional love and have a permanent understanding of your connectedness with all that exists. Your motives are pure and uncorrupted by the desires of the ego. Your intuition becomes extremely strong. This is the level of a selfless love that has no desire except for the welfare of those around them. Gandhi and Mother Theresa are examples of people who were living at this level. Hawkins claims this level is reached only by 1 in 250 people during their entire lifetimes.

Joy (540) – this is a state of pervasive, unshakable happiness. This is the level of saints and advanced spiritual teachers. Just being around people at this level makes you feel incredible. At this level, life is fully guided by synchronicity and intuition. There’s no more need to set goals and make detailed plans — the expansion of your consciousness allows you to operate at a much higher level. Your life is now in complete harmony with the will of Divinity. This is also a level of healing. Near-death experiences have allowed people to experience an energy level between 540 and 600. The key to joy is unconditional kindness to all of life, including one’s own, which we refer to as compassion.

Peace (600) – at this level, there is no longer distinction between the object and the subject. This is where you have transcended all and have entered that place that Hawkins calls illumination. Here, stillness and silence of mind are achieved, allowing for constant revelation. Hawkins claims this level is reached only by one person in 10 million.

light, spiritualityEnlightenment (700-1000) – this is the highest level of human consciousness, where humanity is identified with divinity. This is the level of Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna. Just thinking about people at this level can raise your consciousness. This is the level of powerful inspiration.


Knowing these levels of consciousness and recognizing where you are at any moment gives you the conscious power to change your level of consciousness.

It is possible to go from the bottom of the scale to the top of the scale, but the process must happen in stages. Each stage builds upon the one that is below it.

The reason why you can’t go from depression to joy immediately is that when you’re that far down the scale you can’t understand that joy is even possible.

But you can find relief from your current emotions if you find a thought that will cause you to feel a little bit better than what you’re feeling right now. And then you can continue to reach for the even better feeling thoughts.

This is not always easy as we tend to practice an “unwanted” vibration, rather than a “wanted” vibration. So, as with all skills, it takes some time and patience.

According to David Hawkins, everything that is around us can affect our level of consciousness: the music we listen to, the people with whom we associate, the books we read or the shows that we watch.

Adjust Your Focus

Your emotions are an indicator of where your focus is. Negative emotion is an indicator that what you are focused on isn’t helpful to you. To start feeling better, you first have to change your thoughts.

woman-thoughtsBy shifting your thoughts to better-feeling ones, you can work your way up the scale of consciousness.

But it has to be a gradual process because your subconscious mind is habitual, and it is used to thinking in a certain way so, it will try to resist any attempt to shift away from those familiar patterns. From your mind’s perspective, a big change is seen as dangerous.

Importance of Higher Vibration

In a low vibration, the world is not so great place. We feel miserable, our thoughts and our feelings are not productive, which leads to poor action or no action at all, which consequently leads to bad results.

When going up the scale we start feeling better and better, then ideas start arising and when we follow synchronicities and take inspired action, we are much more capable of getting the results that we want.

According to Dr. David Hawkins, in order to improve your level of consciousness, be as loving as you can towards all of life and all its expressions.

Thank you for reading!

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    1. Hi Dino,

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