How Are All Humans Connected?

You have probably heard people talking that everything is connected, but what does it really mean? How is everything connected? How are all humans connected? Is that some abstract concept or science can prove it? Spiritual teachers have known that from the beginning and now science confirms that. Quantum physics explains it through quantum entanglement.

Quantum Entanglement

Entanglement is a term in physics that says once something begins as a whole, even though it is physically separated, energetically is still connected.

In quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by a large distance, hundreds of miles or even more.

Albert Einstein didn’t like the idea of entanglement. He didn’t like the idea that we could be deeply connected and that we could actually influence matter at the one place while we are somewhere else. He called that phenomena “spooky action at a distance”.

Quantum entanglement enables particles to affect each other instantaneously across any distance. Entangled particles would remain connected even if they were on opposite sides of the Universe.

Twin photon experiment

There was a twin photon experiment conducted at the University of Geneva in 1997. Scientists took one photon (particle of light) and broke it into two separated photons. Once they had two identical photons, they placed them into a specialized device that was connected to fiber optic cables that run in opposite directions from the device. One cable run 7 miles in one direction and the other run 7 miles in opposite direction. They fired these photons simultaneously in opposite directions so that when each photon reached the maximum distance, they were 14 miles apart. At that point, scientists began to demonstrate that what happened to one photon was happening to another photon at exactly the same time.

They influenced one photon in one place while observing the other photon 14 miles away. They found that the other photon acted like it had exactly the same experience even though it wasn’t being touched.

When they would force one photon to rotate in a particular direction, the other photon rotated in exactly the same direction.

When they would electrically charge or remove charge from the photon in one place, the same thing would happen on the other photon as if it would have the same experience.

time-clockScientists were using atomic clocks (an extremely accurate type of clock) to find out how much time elapsed between the time one photon was influenced and the other responded and what they found was that there was no time elapsed. The change was instantaneous.

It could only mean two things. Either information was traveling faster than the speed of light, or, the distance perceived between the objects didn’t really exist.

The conclusion was that photons didn’t need to communicate from one place to another as a conventional linear way of thinking says. Even though they were physically separated, they were still connected on an energetic level.

The experiment shows that the matter that once was physically connected remains energetically connected even though the space that separates the matter is of a large distance.

Scientists then started to look into the Universe in order to find out whether is it possible to apply this entanglement on a larger distance between galaxies and they found that galaxies on the one side of the Universe were actually entangled with galaxies on the other side of the Universe on a light year distance.

How are all humans connected?

Big BangModern scientists agree that Universe, as we know it today, begins with the tremendous release of energy called Big Bang. Immediately before Big Bang occurred, entire Universe was compressed into a tiny ball of energy about the size of the single green pea.

Yes, that’s correct, according to quantum physics, the entire Universe is composed of energy. The matter is just a form of energy that takes shape when energy is reduced to low vibration.

If you could take out all the empty space from all physical matter in the Universe and bring all of that matter back into contact, all the matter in the entire Universe would occupy the space with the single green pea.

What is important here is that there was a point in time when everything was physically connected. When Big Bang occurred and energy began to expand, physically particles began to separate but energetically remain connected.

So, when we talk about our connection with other people, animals or things, there is a scientific basis for that connection – physical matter once unified remains energetically connected even when separated by large distances.

Here is a short video about entanglement as seen in the documentary “What the bleep do we know?”

How deeply are we connected?

In 1987, there was an experiment conducted under the auspices of the United States Air Force and they found that there was a field of energy that connected all things everywhere. This field is sometimes called the Field, Quantum Field, God, Source, the Matrix or the Divine Matrix.

According to Gregg Braden, the field does more than just connects things through entanglement. It is a container for all things and a bridge between our inner and outer world. It is also the mirror in the world around us for what we claim to be true in the world within us.


WorldIf everything was once physically connected even though it’s no longer, the energy is still connected and we’re energetically connected. We are all deeply connected through entanglement even though we appear to be separated. This relationship of entanglement holds the key to understanding our relationship to our world. We are deeply connected to each other and that connection is fundamental. We are part of this world and we are part of one another.

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  1. A really interesting read! It’s inspiring to have a belief, or a feeling, and then being able to back it up with science… we live in an age where we demand answers – thank you for providing them.

  2. Blanka, this was absolutely fascinating to read!
    The proton experiment is interesting. I wonder how our actions affect others in this way. Or vice versa.
    Truly, a great read!


    1. Hey Fen,

      Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you liked the article. There was an experiment published in Russian bulletin of Physics Institute in 1992, which showed that human DNA influenced the matter. Another experiment, which was published in Journal of Scientific Exploration in 1994, showed that human emotion changed the shape of DNA.
      So, if human emotion changes DNA and DNA change the matter, then human emotion changes the matter.
      We can influence others with our emotions through the healing, remote healing or prayer.
      There are documented studies on prayer, showed that people felt better or recovered faster from illness or surgery.
      Also, there was an experiment in Washington D.C., in the summer of 1993, where 4000 volunteers collectively meditated for long periods throughout the day, which resulted in 25% drop in violent crime in the city. The police department collaborated in this study. Hope this answers your question. Cheers!

  3. The size of a pea? That’s amazing! I like how Dr. Quantum explained entanglement and that the thought of being separate is pretty much just an illusion-EVERYTHING’S connected.
    Thanks for this super interesting post-what an awesome world we live in!

    1. Yes, it was pretty small. I know it looks unbelievable. According to quantum physics, everything is energy. The matter is just a form of energy that takes shape when energy is reduced to low vibration. After the Big Bang, the Universe expanded and, by cooling down, the matter took shape.
      I agree we live in an awesome world! Thanks for commenting on the post. Cheers!

  4. Wow! This was a very fascinating and thought provoking article! I am a firm believer we are all interdependent. Even in nature everything feeds everything else. Look at the rivers, lakes and oceans. Great job!

  5. I cannot speak for what scientist defines the connection between to objects mean. However, I do believe that humans are connected through by an universal energy. Since everything is energy connection can be made if one’s focus is there. The ways of the world prevent us from concentrating on the bigger picture. Which I believe to be the humanity in all of us is the destiny for all of us. We just have our unique way helping each other.

  6. Thank you for this deeply beautiful post. I am so impressed to see all the science in one place and you have done such an incredible job explaining it and making sense of such enormous concepts. We are all here to learn this truth, you have done a fantastic job, your work is important, thank you again.

  7. This is a brilliant post Blanka.
    I agree that we are all connected…by air, energy, and spirit.
    It’s great to see science is catching up to what has thousands of years of stories.
    Thanks for sharing.

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