3 Signs that You are Blocking Your Money Flow

Guest Blog Post by Natalie Ledwell 

Did you know that by the time you’re about six years old, your subconscious mind is already imprinted with your deeply held beliefs about who you are, what you’re worth and what you’re capable of?

It’s really quite unbelievable!

Until the age of six, our growing brains are just like sponges that absorb all of the messages that we observe – good or bad – from our parents, caregivers, and teachers. After just a little bit of repetition, these messages get stored in our subconscious minds as beliefs on how the world works and our place in it.

After the age of about six, our brains start filtering the information we receive to only take in what makes sense for us and we continue to do this later in life…

But still, all of those beliefs we absorbed when we were very young lie deep in our subconscious minds. If these beliefs are negative ones, they can prevent us from reaching our financial, relationship or fitness goals as adults, despite our best efforts to achieve them!

Do you have a self-limiting belief about money?

moneyIf your parents regularly fought about money in front of you when you were little, for example, you may hold a subconscious self-limiting belief that “money causes pain and suffering”.

Today, this belief may cause you to reject money on a subconscious level in ways that you may not even be consciously aware!

If you aren’t where you’d like to be financially chances are you may have one or more self-limiting beliefs around money. Here are three telltale signs:

Red flag #1: You avoid money matters altogether.

Maybe you don’t pay attention to how much you’re spending or how much money you have in your bank account. Rather than face the truth about your finances, you simply just avoid them altogether.

Red flag #2: You are afraid of spending too much money.

Stockpiling your money in a savings account may offer you a sense of safety, security or relief from anxiety, even though that money could be better invested somewhere else.

The truth is, making more money (not saving more) is what will cause a real difference to your financial situation. While it is healthy to save money and minimize excessive spending, you may never get rich just from saving.

Red flag #3: You compulsively buy things to make yourself feel better.

Instead of facing your true inner demons, you use shopping to make yourself feel better. This is a temporary solution, which results in a vicious and expensive habit that can burn through all your extra money without ever making you happy.

If any of these three red flags ring true for you, don’t worry! The good news is that you absolutely can eliminate your self-limiting beliefs around money…

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About the Author: Natalie Ledwell is a Law of Attraction expert, bestselling author, and speaker. She also hosts an online TV Show, The Inspiration Show, and is a co-founder of the personal development company, Mind Movies, which offers online courses and coaching programs, like Ultimate Success Masterclass. Natalie is passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through personal transformation.

Find out more about Natalie and Mind Movies by visiting http://www.mindmovies.com.


  1. This is a great article. Three sad but very true realities to how you can be your own enemy. I like number 2. It is an eye-opener. Funny how doing something as harmless as saving money can actually hold you back if you aren’t willing to take chances making the money. I really like this list and I am going to keep this in mind this year. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Yes, in spite of good intention, sometimes we hold ourselves back. But once we become aware of that we can change our direction.

  2. I can attest that when you avoid money matters, you are blocking your money flow. I never use to care about where my money went or how much I was spending. I started stressing out because I seemed to lose it not long after getting my paycheck! I started sorting everything out, budgeting and then found out I was wasting SO much money. Now I have my finances under control and I’m actually making more money too. Thanks for bringing this subject to light 🙂

    1. Hi Brandon,

      I could totally relate to your experience. Once I learned what money actually was and how to manage it, things changed.

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